Aston Hiddleston Foster

You don't need issues with food

Who is Aston Hiddleston Foster?

Hi everyone,

I am just a normal girl, named after a car.

All around me I see people who’s lives are driven by how they look and how much they weigh. After dabbling in this obsession, I took a U-turn and decided it wasn’t me but the system that was wrong. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but who should dictate what that means?

My goal is to help other people find freedom and meaning of life away from the plate.

I aim to be down to earth and no-nonsense. I won’t give nutritional advice. I will share my experience. I will never become a ‘brand’.

I have no formal nutrition & diet qualifications, although I have a degree in social sciences.

Everything I post is based on extensive research, exploration and experience.

I am passionate to help men and women enjoy their lives away from food obsession.

Everything on this site and my email advice is free and always will be. Freedom and living a normal life shouldn’t cost.

Welcome to my explorations into the messed up food world we live in.

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