Life has taken unexpected turns this year, for all of us. A lot of us have been working from home, or working in different circumstances. Some of us have been ill, lost loved ones, not seen loved ones for months. Life has suddenly got a lot tougher.

Do you find yourself trying to cling to some sense of normality, wanting something to focus on?

That’s when the disordered eating and obsession tries to regain control. I’ve had sneaky thoughts like “Why don’t I just lose a few pounds” or “I haven’t been on the High Carb Raw Vegan diet for a long time, it was fun!”

This is when you have to be so vigilant about your thoughts. I quickly remembered how free my life has been since I left my disordered behaviours behind. This is what you have to stick to, remembering the freedom that you now enjoy.

Life is rocky, and we all slip up. But in this year make a choice never to go back to the way it was, however comforting it may seem.