Over the years I have read many eating self help books and blogs, and they nearly all discuss ‘listening to your body‘, ‘trusting your intuition‘ and ‘letting your soul be your guide‘ around food choices. I never really understood this concept. I wondered why all my body wanted to do was eat chocolate and sugary goodies, and beige foods.

I read and re-read chapters and posts on this issue, and all these people seemed to have just ‘got it’, suddenly after eating what they want they were able to know exactly what their body was telling them! I thought I was rubbish not getting it, and then I realised that these self-help gurus were missing one crucial  factor – the work they had to put in!

I know that changing your habits is hard work, but after years of trying I still wasn’t getting it. Then about a week ago I finally had a light bulb moment.

I am still letting my brain rule the show.

More specifically, my ego, my inner voice, telling me how and what I should be doing. I know it is trying to keep me safe, and actually is stuck in the past, but I am so well-blended with it I need to make a conscious effort to notice!

Your ego says things like:

“You’re full? Just eat it anyway you’re too fat might as well finish it”

“Look at those arms! You think you can go out in that top with those?”

“You’re killing yourself eating that. I told you. What an idiot”

And so on, most things are harmful, shaming and make you feel weak.

To help myself detach from my ego and listen to my true self and my body, I’ve been questioning it. I’ve been asking questions like:

  • Who are you talking to?
  • How old is that person?
  • How are you helping me?
  • How old do you think I am?
  • What are you trying to protect me from?

Usually, issues come up that I wasn’t consciously aware of.

Once we can look on at our ego, then we can start to distinguish what genuinely we want, and what is our inner voice trying to keep us safe. It is beginning to trust the authentic you that is beyond your ego.

I’ve found that my body doesn’t ‘talk to me’ like my ego does. It’s more of a kind of non-verbal wanting, like wanting rest, a sit down, fruit, carbs, space to myself for a while. It’s a gentle longing, rather than a full scale verbal rant of inadequacy.

Push aside the verbal rant and listen for the gentle nudge of longing. Persist and you will get there.