I’m happy to report I’m getting better. I’m really focusing on keeping negativity at bay and being as much of a ‘normal eater’ as possible.

To me, normal eating is an extension of intuitive eating. I have found that intuitive eating encourages obsession around food for some already disordered eaters, and actually I was one of those people. Possibly because I was still engaged in fear and the diet mentality.

The only waynI have found of addressing my dieting and fear thought processes is to act as if I have already recovered, and take the focus off food and weight. It is a process I have to be 100% committed to, but I’ve reached the end of my teather with this food thing so I really want to succeed in this.

I’m engaging with people, throwing myself into hobbies and trying to keep as busy as possible. I’m replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and every time a food related thougt comes up, I ask myself what am I feeling to make me think about food?

Above all else I keep repeating to myself

I am a normal eater, and I have fully recovered.

My life without this beast could be so rich and wonderful, infact it was, so I’ll work hard at getti it back.

Recovery and a normal life is everything. Eating issues do not define us, stay strong folks.