I got out of my quite good weekly posting habit, I’m sorry for being absent! As usual life has taken over and I haven’t managed to give blogging about food issues the space it deserves. Today I’m going to open up a bit about my continuing struggles with food and emotions. Recovery really does take a long time!

I wanted to share with you some feelings that have come up for me on my recovery journey that maybe some of you have had too. It seems there is a disconnect between eating normally and eating emotionally, because trying to eat normally and taking emotional pressure off of food leaves me sad. It’s all very well trying to find something else to support me in the times when I want to eat but nothing seems to come close. Food seems to soothe in a way nothing else does – not fresh air, hugs, talking or anything.

I know it’s about finding something else alongside eating to gradually transition the behaviour and rewire, but sometimes I struggle. Most of the time I fimd grounding myself in the present and feeling my feelings on a physical level dissipates the discomfort, but other times this just fails and the feelings don’t go away.

What do you guys do to fill the void left by food in uncomfortable situations? How do you deal with discomfort physically and emotionally?