If you can try and remember to, always push your truth when you make choices. Push your deepest self to the front of the queue in your brain.

What do you believe in? Sometimes it may feel out of whack, and you may not know if you are crazy, or being selfish.

Ask yourself “Does speaking my truth affect other people negatively?” and “Am I doing this with love, not just for me but for the world in general?”

Your truth‘ means what you believe is right, how you believe you should live your best life for yourself and those around you. You may be going against the grain, and you may offend some people.16128-illustration-of-a-red-heart-pv

Offending people is different to hurting them. People are entitled to opinions and being open and honest about yours doesn’t make you a bad person. Don’t try and push people to be like you or to think like you but behave authentically so they will take notice and listen. You don’t have to try and be like anyone either. You are great as you are.

Listen to people and be honest. That is how you push your truth. Love everyone as you wish to be loved and be grateful.

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