I’ve come up with a list of a good few of the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back in my eating issues recovery journey. I want to share them with you, alongside what I consider their ‘normal’ or ‘non-limiting’ counterparts. First is listed the limiting belief, and then the non-limiting, healthier version. Please feel free to share and add to them!

There are definitely some here that I need to work on replacing, so my goal is to try and monitor my thoughts and replace the negative beliefs that crop up with their positive counterparts. Let’s crush those limiting beliefs together!

37 limiting beliefs and 37 positive ones

I never know what to eat
I can decide what to eat
People judge what and when I eat
Nobody cares what and when I eat
I should hide when I eat
Eating is normal, I can do it in full view of others
Eating makes me fat
Eating keeps me alive
My body is too fat
I am the perfect size for me now
Exercise is too much effort
Exercise feels good when I want it
Eating the wrong foods will kill me
Nothing edible can kill me
I will never look good in any clothes
I can look good in all clothes I choose
I will never be happy with my weight
My weight has no bearing on my happiness
I have to eat what I am given
I can eat however much I want
It is bad to waste food
There is nothing wrong in not eating something
Food is boring
Food can be enjoyable
Food should be eaten quickly without attention
I can eat with attention
It is bad to enjoy food
Enjoying food is part of life
Exercise should not be fun
Exercise can be fun
I have to be exhausted in order for exercise to have been worth it
Any movement is worth it
I will never be satisfied with food
I can be satisfied with food
I will never enjoy food
I do enjoy food
Eating lots is shameful and gluttonous
I eat however much my body needs
Eating too much will make me fat
I will mostly eat the amount that is right for me
Putting on weight shows lack of control
Putting on weight means nothing
Sugary foods are addictive
Sugary foods are just food
It’s bad to eat when I’m not hungry
There is nothing wrong with eating when I’m not hungry sometimes
Eating when I’m not hungry will make me sick
Eating when I’m not hungry means nothing
Fat is disgusting
Fat is a neutral physical trait
I should only eat good foods
There is no such thing as good or bad foods
Eating outside meal times when I’m not hungry is shameful
There is no shame around any kinds of eating
It will kill me if I don’t eat healthily all the time
Eating will not kill me
Sugar will kill me
Sugar is just energy
I’ll never be enough
I am always and forever enough
Other people know what’s best for me
Only I know what is best for me
Other people are in charge
I am in charge of my own life
My opinion is worthless
My opinions matter
I never make the right decision
I always make the right decision
I always make mistakes
There is no such thing as a mistake
My past actions will haunt me forever
I’ve moved on and grown from my past actions