via Daily Prompt: Tempted

I never normally do these WordPress daily prompt things, but today for some reason this jumped out at me, as it is totally related to food, eating, weight etc. To be ‘tempted’ is considered to be in danger, to be lured, to be called against your better judgement.

This word is often applied to food, as many of you know and have experienced. You were ‘tempted by the chocolate cake, by the pizza, by the cream bun.

Using the word tempted implies that the diet mentality still has a strong hold on your life. If you are ‘tempted’ by some food, it implies that you cannot resist it, that you should therefore resist it at all costs, and it is morally bad.

However, deep down we all know that there is nothing inherently moral about food. That we should not be tempted by it because there is nothing evil to escape from. When and if we feel ‘tempted’ by food, we should reconsider the question and the phrase. Instead of saying “I’m so tempted to eat that pie” we can say “Am I hungry for that pie now? Will it satisfy me? How will I feel physically before and after eating it?”.

And, crucially, ask the question, “What do I feel?

Being ‘tempted’ by something masks a whole inner world of judgement in the disordered eating arena: of not being enough, and lack of self trust.

Phase out the use of temptation in a food context, instead focus on eating the food if you want it and you are hungry, and why you are feeling what you feel if you are not.