It is coming up to the New Year, and many people are turning their thoughts towards New Year’s resolutions, diets, cleansing, and getting rid of the extra weight put on by being indulgent and having fun over Christmas.

I’ve also been thinking about these things, and I’ve come up with a simple 3 step strategy to dealing with the Christmas splurge. It is free, it is quick, it is easy. It will leave you 2017-ready in no-time.

3 steps for an instant body and mind fix:

  1. Eat what your body wants.
    • Feel, don’t think
    • Follow your instincts as you eat what feels good at this time.
    • Your body needs nourishment and pleasurable food – you’d do good to follow it’s instructions!
  2. Rest. Do lots of it.
    • The relatives have gone home – have a lie in.
    • Lounge around in your pajamas all day if you are still on holiday.
    • If you are at work, have a long coffee break, read a book, take a walk outside.
    • Breathe.
  3. Be kind to yourself.
    • Write a gratitude list of all the good things that have happened over Christmas and the holiday season.
    • Gently nudge the Diet Police thoughts away that will try and trap you.
    • Know that the post-Christmas sluggishness will pass as it is part of entertaining and being entertained.
Have a peaceful New Year all.
Oh, sorry for the click-bait title everyone! I write these with the heaviest of ironies!