Just a short comment from me today, and it relates to the all-consuming food thoughts I used to have. I bet many of you had/have them too, and I just wanted to write that there is hope, and you will get to the other side.

I know that I have got over the worst of my food troubles because when I find my mind wandering and being in need of a break, I don’t want food. I follow thought processes like “Hmm what would make me feel better in this moment? Something sweet? Chocolatey?” And I find my mind draws a blank. It goes “Meh food, take me outside” or something.

This is how I truly know I am on the other side. That and my inability to write anything meaningful for you of late!

Let me know what signalled to you that the worst of your food troubles are over? Or if you still feel overpowered, what can you work towards?