Do you ever find that you are doing so well on the path to normal eating (or whatever), then you deliberately override those key gains because your feelings get the better of you and you can’t be bothered making an effort any more?

This is self-sabotage, and something that exists because deep down you are not 100% ready to let go of the old behaviours that helped you in the past but make you miserable. You don’t want to let go either because you don’t know what will be the other side, or you don’t think you deserve it and you need to punish yourself.


How do you get out of the cycle of self sabotage?


1. Acknowledge – Realise that the behaviour you are still engaging in is keeping you stuck, and isn’t actually you.


2. Surrender – Let whatever keeps you holding on go, whether it is a need to impress, that you are inadequate, or a need to stay miserable. Believe that you are on a new path now and there is no need to get stuck in your old behaviour because you are worth so much more. Oh and let go of the guilt of the sabotaging behaviour.


3. Start again at any moment – you can rejoin the path to freedom at any moment. It can be every minute or hour if it has to be. Forgive yourself for sabotaging your path, and then take a baby step forward.


I believe in you!