Take all your little steps towards food freedom as giant successes – because they are!

I’ve been struggling lately with the two basic tenets of ‘normal’ or ‘intuitive’ eating, which are eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. I’ve not been dieting, but I’ve not been paying attention to my body either. As a result I haven’t really been hungry for anything but have eaten anyway as it was the ‘right time’, or someone had cooked it for me. And I found that actually very dissatisfying and frustrating. Why was I never hungry or wanted to eat?

Then I realised that it was because I wasn’t following my body’s guidance and eating only how much and when I wanted to. So now my goal is to pay attention to my body’s signals for food and what is enough. And last night I tried it, and succeeded!

I went out to eat with my other half, and he eats naturally later than me, so by the time we went out I was actually hungry, and I was very happy about this. Then I slowly ate my meal, and stopped when I was pleasantly full. I then took the rest home with me, and I was happy that I had managed to stop and take the focus away from the food that I hadn’t eaten.

When I woke up this morning I was hungry for breakfast, which I haven’t been for a VERY long time. This was very positive indeed! I ate my leftovers for breakfast ­čÖé

The take-home message from my little tale is as much as it hurts, you have to pay attention and exert effort in order to change a behaviour that is not serving you. You also have to pay attention to every single smallest win you have so you stay motivated to change.
Also, I’m thinking of doing a free blog course (read: blog series) on how to be an intuitive eater and live-r. Let me know if you’d like that, or specifics you’d like┬ácovered…