What many of you don’t know is I am a modern jive dancer, and a beginner blues dancer! This weekend just gone I went on a dance workshop. It was a residential weekend, with lessons and social dancing in a nice hotel near London. I went with a group of friends, and we all had a blast. One class in particular stood out for me, and I wanted to share my experience with you.

The class was for the blues dance style, and we were learning a sub-style called micro blues. The lesson involved getting into a close dance hold (or ‘hug hold’ as our teacher described!) and breathing. We had to each lead breaths and then try and follow our partner’s breaths. We did a series of exercises along these lines trying to recognise the subtle and minute movements of our partners. Seriously, it was like meditation. That amount of focus on touch and sound. Focusing on the movement of the music and the movements of my partner was the closest I’ve come to stillness in a long time!

As our teacher said, micro blues is not about aesthetic, it’s about emotion. It’s not a flashy dance to be watched, it is movement and feeling from the inside. I would show you a video, but it would be boring (and I can’t find one!).

When I had finished the class I felt like I had come out of a hot bath and had a deep sleep at the same time. I was so relaxed, even though I had felt sick and exhausted an hour earlier! This shows that meditation comes in many forms – a relvation to me! You don’t have to sit on the floor and try and clear your mind by focusing on white light or whatever.

In other news, sorry to be graphic, but I am on a mission to get rid of my awful digestive problems. I have such bad cramps most of the time these days, when a few years ago I never had issues. And I have NO IDEA what is causing it, it is seemingly erratic. It’s so frustrating! So now I’m trying to get to the bottom, by keeping a log of what I am eating and how my tummy is.

The amazing thing is I can do this without fear because I have given up dieting and food worries. I am not doing anything to change my weight, I just don’t want to be in near constant pain any more. So the quest continues.