Yesterday in the UK a local MP was shot and stabbed repeatedly. We don’t yet know the ins and outs of it, but she was a campaigner for human rights and by all accounts cared deeply about her constituency and the wider world.

I, like most of the nation, was shocked by this random event, and I know that this week has been a tragic one both sides of the Atlantic. After Orlando, and now Jo Cox, I suddenly felt a wave of conviction to my cause of banishing food fears and diet obsession and all the other shallow things that are popular in the Western world. I believe that people don’t deserved to live in a food obsession hell hole for the rest of their lives when they have so much more to give to themselves and the world!

We need to spend more time thinking about and helping our brothers and sisters in whatever way we can. We need to stop worrying about the size of our thighs, and using how pronounced our abs are or how many followers we have on instagram as a marker of our self-worth.

Yes we need to feel good about ourselves and present ourselves in the best way possible to the world. Yes we need to be healthy in the sense of disease free, comfortable, and have passionate to succeed. We need strive to go beyond the shallowness of our modern world, and help each other lead a better life.

This is what I aim to do. My conviction that people, men and women, trapped in the food obsession generated by unhealthy food and weightloss industries deserve better. A better life, a happy life, and one destined to do great things. I want to help as many people as possible break these shackles and focus on important things in their life. Family, friends, and passions are great things. No food obsession needs to be involved.

Rant. Over.

Calming trees.