Today I’m going on a bit of a rant, so sorry in advance. I’m going to talk about a topic that goes unspoken yet packs just as much punch as the food debate – what you drink.

Tiny drink

In UK society, it is frequently a social faux-pas, or source of mockery when out for a drink with ones friends (be it for coffee, the pub, a bar etc), to order a small glass of wine, half a pint of beer, a small frappe without cream. Worst still is leaving a drink when you’ve had enough.

Where did this mentality come from? Who decided that my worth and capacity as a human being is based on how much liquid I decide to drink in view of others?

This is does not foray into the to drink or not to drink alcohol question, it is a matter of size. If we cause a fuss at people for judging each other on how much, what and when they eat, surely the same rules on drinking apply? Because drinking socially often does not happen when we are thirsty. Just because I don’t keep up with you, it doesn’t mean I’m a lesser person because of it.

Please put things into perspective, people!