How much time do you spend thinking about food and your disordered eating, wishing it would go away? If you’re anything like me (sometimes still), lots.

The horrible truth is that all this thinking is wasting away your precious time here on this planet. All this guilt and shame and beating yourself up about something so mundane as eating is pouring your dreams down the drain.

I bet you are also thinking, “Oh I’ll start thinking about my life after X, Y Z happens”. Like this last binge, when I feel better, when I change job, blah blah. But these are just EXCUSES! Change hurts, and you have to get over that to ultimately win against your food battles. You are better than the demons in your head.

What step are you going to take today that ISN’T food, weight or recovery related that will bring your life back? What do you enjoy doing (eating doesn’t count). I’ve been researching fashion inspiration for a new look I want to try out.

Take the focus off of food, weight and recovery issues and start claiming your life back today!

You are Awesome!