I want to be very honest with you about my healing from food issues, and the fact that I feel stuck, in an attempt to help you understand too. This is soul bearing! The reason why I am still stuck in some of my food problems is that I am not willing to change.

I want it to be easy, like magic, no effort.  20160506_095217

I want to wake up tomorrow and magically feel different about myself, my life and my food.

But I have realised that I have to work for what I want, and before now I wasn’t willing to admit that. I thought that in the food department, things will just happen. I work for everything else in life so surely something can be easy? Just read the right book or blog and I will be enlightened and magically transformed?


This process is a journey, and all about realisations, and I have realised that in order to change my behaviours I have to put in some hard work. It’s all very well reading other people’s blogs and wishing you were like them, but the truth is noone is going to work a magic spell to make you all better. You can use other people’s tips and read advice, but ultimately you know what you have to do to change.

You only know how you respond to things, and what parts of the change and healing process you are resisting. Resisting change and effort keeps you stuck. We have to acknowledge that changing our attitudes to food and life is going to be uncomfortable and difficult. We have to ease into the difficulty of the situation and go against the grain in order to grow.

The first few weeks of change will be tough. You will feel like you aren’t making progress, but the trick is never give up! That is the secret sauce to success. Never give up, and keep moving forward with the life you want to create for yourself.