I wrote this post a while ago, and dug it out because it feels particularly relevant today. I wrote it in the new year, but I’ve discovered that reflection can happen at any time!

I’ve been doing a good deal of reflection on the last year, and what I want for the year to come. I look back on myself four years ago and realise how much has changed, which inspired today’s post.

For years I found that try as I might, I couldn’t shake the obsession with food and weight. I was simultaneously eating everything and in crippling fear of dying from what I was eating. Restricting and overeating and obsessing. When would I get it right? Will I ever be healthy? When will I stop having to think about food all the time??

Then I realised, in a moment of inspiration, that this is a journey. There is no end goal of becoming a normal eater. Life is full of ups, downs and mistakes. But you pick yourself up and move forward. I realised that I had kept showing up for freedom from obsession, no matter what was going on.

The truth in recovery from food worries, and even eating disorders is this. You can be free from obsession, but there will never be an ‘end goal’. I want you to know that this is a good thing. It takes the pressure off, and gives you the freedom to live your life, the way you decide to live it. It also makes life a lot more interesting if there is always learning and growing to do!

One action step for today is this: commit to yourself to let go of the idea of eating and health perfectionism. Life is messy so you are totally allowed to be. Health is about variety not an end goal!

Onwards, to freedom.

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