Today I was sitting in my living room, just chatting with my other half in front of the telly. We, as frequently occurs, were discussing our respective dinners (we’d eaten separately). I was busy moaning how I find food boring, and I don’t like anything.  After I listed off what I had eaten, he turned to me and said simply, “That’s because you eat boring food!”

A light bulb went off in my head. My food choices revolve around what’s quick because I can’t be bothered to cook or spend time doing it, and even when I cook I’m hungry so pick whilst I cook. I never let myself buy much fresh food in one go as my fridge is up the creek and I don’t want it to go off. I am almost terrified of throwing stuff away because it’s wasteful. I know these are unhelpful beliefs but I’m working on readdressing my attitudes to waste. My bf’s comments really brought this home.

That’s because you eat boring food!

This morning I took my boyfriend’s comment to heart. I got up, waited until I was hungry, then looked in my fridge. There were lots of leftover things; veg, eggs, cheese, chorizo. I decided to make a Spanish style omelette, instead of just eating a slice of cheese, a few pieces of chorizo and some sweets in quick succession because I couldn’t decide and I felt lazy. This time I made a real effort to add flavour to my food, and it didn’t actually take that long to cook something quite delicious. I sat down and carefully ate my way through it, and I was the most satisfied I have been with breakfast for a very long time!

Bottom line: Don’t eat boring food! Eat what you want, in the best possible and delicious way you can have it for yourself. It doesn’t matter what it is or when you are eating it. We are fortunate enough to eat a wide variety of wonderful foods, so make every eating experience count. Sometimes it won’t be the best, but we have to be flexible.

I challenge you to cook/prepare/collect the best version of your favourite food next meal. Don’t make food boring and you won’t worry about it ever again!


Have a joyous Easter all.

Orange trees for Easter