This is a useful exercise to carry out to better understand your relationship with your body. Write out a list of all the things you would do, say, and how you would behave and treat yourself if you loved your body.

Such an exercise makes you realise how much you shout at and distrust it currently. Try and adopt at least one thing on your list today!

Talk to yourself and your body like your best friend, it’s worth it.
If I loved my body I would…

Get more sleep
Make a breakfast I really love and eat it at home
Not rush around all the time
Drink moderately
Wear a little makeup everyday
Spend longer in the shower
Eat more green things
Read more novels
Eat slowly and enjoy it
Stress less about the unimportant things
Put myself first more often
Take a stroll for the joy of it
Smile and breathe because I am content

What’s your list?