This post is going to get geeky. If you are not familiar with the universe I am about to describe, then I’m very sorry!

I’ve recently become hooked on Cassandra Clare’s epic Shadowhunter world. It started with me being at home, ill, in need of something to watch. Browsing Netflix, something new caught my eye. I began to watch the new TV series Shadowhunters, and was sucked into this amazing world of Angels, Demons and more than meets the eye.

Clary Fray from the TV series (played by Katherine McNamara)

I’ve since started reading the books (The Mortal Instruments series), because the original is usually much better when it comes to TV, and am glad to say they live up to expectation! This isn’t a book review, however, and I promise that this insight into my TV and reading is relevant to food and body issues.

The one thing that struck me whilst immersed in that world, is that we are all Shadowhunters, really.

If you are here, you are battling demons on a daily basis. Food. Weight. Negativity. All trying to deceive and pull you down. You probably don’t feel like a hero, but you most definitely are. This is because we, like Shadowhunters, are always on a mission.

We are in an epic war which we can never win, but always fight (to paraphrase Jace). We are battling demons that no-one else can see, and these are the demons in our head. This fact doesn’t make them any less real. We are the people who can see the Shadow World. We are not mundanes. We are Shadowhunters!

We are all Shadowhunters, really.

We can go on epic quests to find and destroy these monsters, daily. Like Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle and Alec, we are on an adventure to find ourselves, to enter a place of peace, but in this world nothing comes easily. We have to be persistent, because demons come in all forms, and have a nasty way of coming back. Giving in, however, is not an option.

So today, I invite you to battle one of your demons, and make a small victory. Embrace the monsters within, and then overcome them, one at a time. Write a list of demons you must conquer, and how you will go about it. Be fantastical, imagination is a great healer! Then do it, with as much reality-bending or as little as you need. Here’s one to start you off: I kill my food obsession demons by dancing/sword fighting to music.

What will you do?