Today’s post is along the same lines as last week, about being addicted to other people’s recovery methods and finding the Cure. And I have a confession to make…

This is my confession: I am still stuck in the diet mentality, and grasping for the Cure. It came to sharp realisation this morning, which happened a bit like this. I woke up, made coffee, and sat at my computer. As I loaded up my computer and checked my emails, I realised that I automatically check my emails for any new ‘Guru’s’ email to tell me how to get towards my goal as an intuitive eater, and felt disappointed that there was nothing new. I, half watching myself, went to Youtube and begun browsing intuitive eating methods. I was not practicing my own advice! This was because in some way I am still hoping for some external thing to make it all go away.


Just do it. (pic from

So this is what I did. I made a conscious decision to be brave, and to unsubscribe from all of my intuitive eating and anti-diet mailing lists, and let go of the need to be told how to recover. I keep thinking to myself, I am free and I can do this without an obsessive crutch.

I’m not going to stop trying to help other people, and I am still going to check my favourite blogs occasionally. I have decided, however, that I am not going to be drawn into the obsession of recovery and external plans again. Although not a diet it is the diet mentality talking!

So how am I going to get rid of this?


1: Unsubscribe to all these mailings. Maybe I am stabbing myself in the foot here, but it is crucial to let go of the obsession now. Turn your attention to positive action, not passive knowledge assimilation. You know by now what to do from all your research. Press the unsubscribe button, and let go of all your fears you are doing it wrong. You are not

It is essential to take focus off of food, weight and eating. Intuitive eating is all about listening to yourself, and noone else. It’s all about trusting yourself again, and these means not relying on other external sources for your happiness and well being.


2: Become your own guru! Ask yourself every time you have a difficulty or a slip “If I was X guru, and had completely recovered, what advice would I give myself?”. Then write it out, as if you were an expert giving advice. Then follow it!

It is crucial here to follow your heart and intuition when writing your advice, and dismiss the aggressive disordered voice. You intrinsically know what the difference is, as one is harsh, and the other is a gut hunch. It takes practice, but can be incredibly helpful!


Even though I say you shouldn’t rely on external sources, it doesn’t mean that you should do this alone. Far from it. My point is don’t feed the diet mentality food obsession by focusing on other people and wishing you were like them. It is still a diet even if you aren’t restricting food.

You have to go about your own life and do the things you know will help you from all you have learnt. Talk to your friends, family, or someone you trust for support and emotional wellbeing. Heck, even contact me.
So be brave and be bold, step into the unknown of your life. Keep taking steps forward with positive action! Llet me know in the comments below, have you unsubscribed from all your email lists? How does it make you feel? And what questions are you going to ask your inner guru?