I’d like to tell you about a secret I’ve discovered that has helped me get what I want in my food life.

Firstly, I have several admissions to make. I’m not perfet, I’m not foolproof, and I’m sometimes not fine. The trouble is, I haven’t truly got over my difficulties around food.

But, crucially, that’s okay.

Why am I writing a blog telling you how to change your story if I haven’t changed my own?

The answer is because I have gone on a different path, not changed my story. If you could compare the me of now to that of four years ago, then you would see a completely different life (a post for another time!). Gone are the days where I would eat a bag of cookies after a three course meal, or leave a friend’s early just so I can binge eat a loaf of bread.

Today, just because I eat lots of chocolate from time to time because I am sad, or read Geneen Roth for advice, it doesn’t mean I have an obsession with food and weight. I am a normal person, and this is because I make mistakes and move on. This is the key to having the success that you want with anything.

I know it sounds so simple, but it is true. The difference between me now and four years ago is my attitude. If I eat because I am sad, I don’t go off on a trail of self-destructive thinking “Oh why did I do this, I hate myself, I’m not worth it.”. I pick myself up, brush the dust off and move forward. Now my response would be, “Okay, so I’m sad, and eating chocolate. No big deal. What can I do to make me feel happier?” And I take action and as a result a little feel better.

“I make mistakes and move on. This is the key to having the success that you want with anything.”

The one crucial thing that changed me for the better was taking steps forward, and taking positive action. Life is a journey, where we are constantly learning and growing. Moving beyond food problems one such opportunity for growth and achieving more than you thought possible.

So maybe eating still plays a part in my life, but it should. We do all need food. But allowing it to negatively impact your life is far different than letting it casually floating in and out. There are periods I forget, and periods I remember my obsession. It’s all in the journey though, and I never want to go back to those days of binge eating and self-loathing. I’m proud to say those days are gone!

What are your successes? What are you still struggling with? How are you taking positive action to keep moving forward? Let me know below!