It’s a bonus second post this week! I had some thoughts I wanted to share. At this moment, I am sitting at my desk eating a carrot. A whole one. I decided that my work colleagues may not like me munching away, but then I thought, I’m allowed food in the office so who even cares. This is a win for someone who used to stress about being seen eating anything at all. I’m not trying to be healthy either, I genuinely just wanted carrot. Yesterday I drank beer and ate five doughnuts (I never want to see doughnuts again…). I’m truly rolling with it, and life is good.

Anyway. Not the point. Today I want to talk to you about clothes. Firstly, what is the point in wearing clothes that don’t fit.

By doing this, you introduce unnecessary misery and discomfort into your life. You don’t wear shoes too small for you! So don’t torture yourself with jeans that slip down permanently or a top that makes your arms go numb.

If your clothes don’t fit you, it is your clothes’ fault not yours. Your life and body has changed and your clothes refuse to move with you. Just as you change inside throughout your life, so you do outside. Losing or gaining weight doesn’t matter, it’s just a natural process. Your clothes are designed to fit you, not the other way round.

I bought some new jeans today, and finally have a pair of nice fitting trousers that are long enough. About time! Goodbye ankle grazers!

I emplore you to do the same. Get at least one outfit you love and fits you properly! Or at least stop wearing clothes that you know don’t suite your figure anymore. Please for your sanity and wellbeing. Your body and mind will thank you for it!