This week has kind of gone down a rabbit warren for me. I’m two weeks into a new job, and I’ve been running around a bit like a headless chicken. On the food department stuffing chocolate-based items in has been like my ‘screw you’ balm to the world, because it feels like that’s all I can control. And yep, definitely emotional eating, also hunger-directed emotional eating. I have been on the ‘recovery-slipup’ cycle for a while now, but for some reason clarity has suddenly hit me.

All this thinking about food, health (and even my health-in-future) is STRESSING ME OUT. And it is totally not good for my wellbeing. I feel dreadful, I can’t sleep well, and I’m hungry all the time, and I’ve got odd pains in my side. What I’m actually hungry for is another matter, as is what will make me feel better. I’m hungry for focus, resolve, peace and life. I want my mental space back.

So here’s the thing. We have to fight for our mental space, and that is what I plan on doing. I’m not thinking about health, and as I have said before, it doesn’t mean a thing anyway. Only you know if you are healthy for yourself. Worrying about my future health does nothing for my health now. I’ve had to remind myself of this, and resolve to live boldly for what I think is right, without fear

I shall work on mental and physical nourishment, in all aspects of my life. Also, I’m going to get a grip on my food reality. Life suffers when I am obsessing about food.

Thought I’d share with you all today. Can you relate?

PS: Title a reference to this song by my favourite band, Coheed and Cambria. Be warned, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea