Today I woke up at 4am, and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I got up, leisurely got dressed, and started

My view this morning
My view this morning

thinking about what I can do for you guys. Here I am, writing a blog post for you at 5.40am, just so’s you know. Being up at this time, and thinking about food and emotional healing brought a thought to me:

Whatever happens in life, the first step to dealing with it is to be okay with it.

First, don’t close your browser, and hear me out! This certainly doesn’t mean you do not take action! Far from the contrary. What this means is, instead of panicking, shutting off, eating, running away, you totally take action and solve what is causing you stress. But in order to solve this stress, you must have clarity on it. The way to have clarity on a situation is to get rid of the anxiety and nervous chatter in your head that is causing you not to think properly. You will know what to do if you just take a second to pause.

Take a step back from whatever is causing you pain, and see it externally. Take a moment just to listen to your surroundings (not your head-chatter), and take a walk. Concentrate on your breathing. Talk to someone about something.

Then come back to your problem. What do you now think about it? Let your soul guide you about how to best deal with the situation. Feel your feelings, and work out what you have to do to resolve them. Be bold, be brave. Do what will make you happy, and will make you a light to others around you. Fix your problems before you help others with theirs.

Above all, be okay with how things are now, and don’t stress. Yes I know it’s easier said and done, but take things one small step at a time. Things change and move forward if you let them, you just have to learn to give the right push.