Have you ever googled that phrase? I have, and chances are if you are reading this, you have too. I am not going to tell you the answer, or even claim that it is possible. Here we shall discuss beliefs. Being fat is a belief, eating what you want is a belief, that some people can eat what they want and not get fat is a belief.

The difference between you and your mate who can “eat what they want and not get fat” is all about a difference in beliefs.

If you are not eating what you want and getting ‘fat’, therefore wanting to know how to eat what you want and not get fat, you are wanting to eat to cover up something else that is going on without sorting out that problem and without the consequences of eating when you aren’t biologically in need of energy. (confusing eh?)

The ‘how to eat what you want and not get fat’ trap is a get out of jail free card for your beliefs about yourself and your emotional needs. Those beliefs are outdated and your mind is telling you so through your obsession with food and need to eat when you aren’t hungry, or are beyond fullness.

Some truths about thinness, eating and choice:

  • Most ‘normal-eater’ thin people are restrictive with eating but through personal choice rather than personal emotional blackmail
  • Most normal eaters don’t think about food in relation to their weight a lot of the time. They just eat either when they are hungry, or when it is meal time and they are hungry etc.
  • Normal eaters often think about food, but they don’t attach emotional weight or moral value to it.
  • Say ‘I feel fat/I’m so large’ to a normal eater and they would look confused at you, and ask what you are worrying about. People who judge you by your size are people with food issues themselves.

In essence:
Stop worrying about what you are eating, and concentrate on working out what it is covering up. In order to not care whether you are thin or fat, and for your eating to normalise, you need to work out why you want to be thin in the first place. Being thin is a metaphor for wanting something to change in your life.

Put weight on the back-burner, and work on the things that you want. Weight will follow after your life gets richer, and the beauty of it is ‘thinness’ will mean less to you than it does now. Look after yourself, nourish yourself, and get honest with yourself. Nurture yourself with the things that you love that aren’t food and wanting to be skinny.

Eat cake if you want, but not just to make you happy. Be happy then eat cake, and be happy with eating cake because you want it, and life is an adventure.