I was having a general browse round tinternets, and came back to one of my old favourites. If you are triggered by exercise, turn away now.

In the days before my fitness interest turned into something nasty, I was in love with High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIt as it is affectionately known. And my favourite teacher was, and still is, Zuzka Light. She is an inspiring, no nonsense lady, and her workouts are fun and short. I don’t do them often any more, being more of a yoga person now. Like any exercise, taken to be a guideline rather than a requirement, it can make you feel good and alive. That is what movement is about.

Now, to the point. I stumbled upon an article on Zuzka’s site, and I looked at the comments. The article wasn’t very interesting, as I have no intention of losing weight what so ever, but the comments made me sad.

People were seriously arguing about the ‘best’ diet to lose weight, and how weight loss works, and whether ‘calories in vs calories out’ maths is true. It made me feel desperately sad for all those people. I know, I definitely know, how hard it is when you are heavier than most. And it takes tremendous dicipline to look like Zuzka, who has time for such things consistently. Normal people, on the most part, can’t afford time to pull it off. Anyway, I was sad because I saw how many people were miserable not being their ‘ideal’ shape, and how their diets were amazing or awful. I also saw how much of their energy people waste, now from another perspective. Life is too short!

I’d love everybody to have some degree of body confidence that doesn’t require rigid regimes. Drop the fight I say! There are more worthy causes than the war with your body. People should take a step back, with courage and compassion.

Eat and live in a way that requires minimal thought, is true to you and your body, and makes you thrive holistically.

No forced weight loss or calorie counting please, it’s not worth your brain power.


Here’s the article:¬†https://zuzkalight.com/nutrition/the-deceptively-simple-math-of-weight-loss/