Dont judge yourself...or this soup!
Dont judge yourself…or this soup!

When I was in the midst of crippling eating disorder nightmare, binge eating on the most part, my world was surprisingly small. It was just me, and my thoughts. Everyone else were just figures judging me for being fat/greedy/useless/shameful… You get the picture. And for me, having food issues was a sort of identity.

I’m trying to focus some more of my posts on practical tips that helped me get out of binge eating hell. And a clear moment of change came when I realised one key fact.

Life goes on

It is so simple, yet brings reality home. I started looking at people in the street and realising with increasing freedom of spirit, that people actually don’t care. You may be ruminating on how bad you’ve been or what you’ve eaten or that you will binge when you get home. Or that you’re fat and a nobody. But, I guarantee, no-one else thinks like this on a day to day basis. They see you, a human and a person. Now whether they respect your or whatever is another story, and people are people. But my point is, people don’t judge you as harshly as you judge yourself. And the people that do, I bet you get angry with and try not to engage.

I’m not saying ignore your thoughts, but I’m saying treat yourself as you would treat someone in public. Don’t be a bully, or a coward. Take a step back. The world goes round with or without you thinking about the extra slice of cake you have eaten. Your mother will still comment on your boyfriend, work will still get you down, you’ll still enjoy a film at the cinema.

Don’t dwell on the things that get you down, deal with them. Face the reality, the day to day of your life, and things actually don’t look so bad. Just observe the things going on around you, and realise that you are okay. Try not to judge and shame yourself into being someone else. Be yourself, and slowly you will begin to trust that being you is absolutely fine, and the world needs you!

Self trust in who you are leads to self trust with food. Food isn’t the big issue, it’s your judgment of yourself that is the stumbling block.

I believe in you!