Don’t get caught up in these New Year fad diets. Here is why.

I hope you’ve all had a splendid holiday season. Now January is here, like me, some of you are probably feeling a bit, well, deflated. There is not much exciting going on until the spring, and the wonderful Christmas food is coming to an end. What with a new year, beguiling promises of a New You are at ever media corner. Get the body you have always dreamed!

Don’t even think about going there!

Think about how far you have come. Is it really worth making yourself feel inadequate about the way you do things? Diets and detoxing blah blah don’t work.

For January, go on a diet detox. Here’s how:

  • plan to eat something wonderful every day for the whole month, like it was in the festive season. Good food isn’t just for Christmas, right?
  • find ways to nurture yourself at least twice a week. List thr things you love doing, like massages, baths, reading, eating. Make yourself feel pampered!
  • stay clear of articles surrounding dieting in the New Year. These fads won’t last, so be patient for now
  • talk to people about what you are doing, online, or in real life. You’ll be surprised how much support this type of anti-dieting has these days

Those were some pointers to get you started. Can you think of any more ways to diet detox? Let me know in the comments below!

Here’s to a wonderful 2015,