This post continues along my seemingly current theme of food freedom. There’s enough musings on this blog already, now I want to write something for you that requires action. The only thing that will make you change your relationship with food is actively doing something about it. So here are four tips that helped me lessen my issues with food, they may do the same for you..

1. Accept yourself and your body as you are at this moment

Being dissatisfied with food and your body means you are dissatisfied with yourself. At this moment, you are dissatisfied with who you are, and want to be someone else with everything that entails. Realise that, then let it go. You are in this situation, both with food or in life more generally. Once you fundamentally accept that, you will not be able to change. Make a concious decision to accept yourself and what you do etc for now. Then make plans to actively improve to where you want to be. Look for a new job, or decide how you can find enjoyment in the one you do. To paraphrase Geneen Roth, hell is being somewhere that you don’t want to be. Accepting where you are opens up the possibility of being where you want to be.

2. Let go of control and shame

Nothing in life happens according to plan. Whatever can happen, will happen. You have to be in it for the ride. Your body, in the end, knows what it is doing. Trust yourself, you are more powerful than you think. Release some of the control around food, it’s scary but will set you free. Also, let go of the shame and guilt about how you have treated yourself so far. You were doing the best you can. From now on, you will treat yourself politely at least, and not feel ashamed about who you are. Eat how  you want to eat, and feel no guilt. Don’t try to control your food or feelings. Feel, and let it pass. Eat, and let it pass.

3. Take your mind off food and weight

Stop pinching your stomach every five minutes, stop thinking about your next meal, stop wondering how many calories you have eaten, or when you can next eat a chocolate bar. Live in the present. Think about your work, your family, your friends, a story that you’ve always wanted to write, or a series on TV you’ve been wanting to catch up on. Whatever used to float your boat in the past, do it now. Launch yourself into it, make no room in your brain for food and weight thoughts. If they occur, don’t dwell on them. It’s not who you really are.

4. Take the first step

Stop thinking “If only I didn’t eat so much, if only I didn’t obsess about food” etc. Those thoughts aren’t helpful. Start over every day, each new moment, however many times it takes, to begin your steps to freedom. Do one positive action each day, like one thing that gives you pleasure doing, or waiting until you are hungry to eat breakfast. And feel no shame in whatever you do.

Keep going! I know you’ve got this!

Until next time,