Freedom from food worries is…

  • Eating things I love, with absolutely no judgement
  • Enjoying eating, but not worrying if I’m not
  • Not thinking too much about what food is or isn’t or shouldn’t be. It’s just nourishment for body and soul
  • Not caring about whether I eat or not as I know my body will tell me at the right time (get out of your own way as Caroline from TFID would say)
  • Ignoring all the diet chatter my brain tries to throw at me
  • Being comfortable in my own skin as best I can
  • Trying to be the best version of myself whenever possible
  • Feeling feelings as they don’t hurt as much as smothering them with food worries does
  • Not thinking about food all the time because I have other things to be doing, even if they are tasks I really don’t like

What does your freedom look like? Write it out!

It is possible, with persistence and patience. I’ve got to the other side, and so can you.