Today, I was reminded of the importance of keeping yourself free of food issues in the face of other people. Last night I went to a party, and there were lots of sugary treats available. I ate a lot, and that was that. Today, someone close to me wanted to know about the party. But instead of wanting to know who was there etc, they wanted to know what I had eaten. Sigh. After lightly glossing over the issue, I received a lecture on how many calories Id eaten, how I wasn’t ‘in control’.

And you know what! I didn’t let it phase me.

I am very close to this person, and my attitude to food now has scared them (they have a lot of food issues themselves), but I calmly told them that I ate what I felt comfortable eating at the time, and if I now listen to myself and my body, that amount of food can’t adversely affect me. (Update, I haven’t been as hungry as normal since, a sure sign my body knows what it is doing). They don’t agree, but we agree now to disagree.

The point is you have to give yourself space to stand up for yourself and for your freedom even if it means conflict with those you love. What would you rather? Freedom from food and body issues or an easy life without conflict but hating yourself and your relationship with food. Not everyone will agree with you, certainly when most opinion is based on media hype and third-hand knowledge. Be certain of your conviction that what you are doing on your food journey is right, and stand up for yourself.

I know it is tough, but be strong. I have faith in you!

As ever, get in touch if you need additional support.