Ever eaten something, while wishing that you weren’t; eaten too much, then wishing you hadn’t?

We’ve all been there, me included. It doesn’t matter what it is, Nutella, Doritos, chips, crisps, doughnuts. A delicious meal. Once you start eating it you cannot stop until it’s all gone, or you’re stuffed. Then you feel embarrassed and guilty. “I wish I hadn’t done that”.

Now, I want you to get rid of that way of thinking. Dismiss it, you have no use for it. Turn it around.

peanuts and nutella
Which is your spread of choice?

Next time you eat when you are hungry, keep an ear out for eating-shame chatter, and dismiss it every time by repeating a phrase, such as “This is nourishing me, I can eat however much feels right at this time”. Something that works for you. Eat until you want no more, without judgement. This is key, as eating without self-loathing allows your real body to talk to you.

And next time you are eating Nutella out of a jar by the kitchen cupboard, go and sit down and eat it with relish. Enjoy your food, but also think “Why am I eating this? What do I need?”. Eating when you are not hungry, is a sign that something else is going on. But in order to work out what else is going on, you need to eat without judgement. Don’t resist emotional eating, instead use it as a method of enquiry, and find out what else is going on. Then address the issue head on. And in time, you will use food less and less as a coping mechanism.

So when you eat, eat. When you feel, feel (but you can eat also if you want).

Above all else FEEL NO GUILT IN EATING. Get rid of that thought-rubbish, life is too short.


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