I advise you to take a new approach in your thinking. Such an important step, I will say it again.

Weight is not important.

Cake, but who really gives a shit?
Cake, but who really gives a shit?

Your relationship with yourself is. The real reason why you can’t stop eating, thinking and obsessing about food is that you’re not accepting your life or how you look as you are now.

I know how difficult it is to accept yourself when you are overweight, but you must start treating your body like you own it and love it today.

Stop shaming yourself, you are damn awesome and sexy NOW.

Go and buy some clothes that fit and make you feel amazing.

Chuck out your scales, noone cares.  Noone sees you as fat except you!

Fat is a state of mind, not objective reality. Love who you are today, and that your body is the most beautiful out of all of them, and don’t let any shame or self doubt or random idiotic comment get in your way.

Tell the world that you are awesome and you don’t care what they think.

Tell food that you are too busy and important for it to dominate your life.

Tell your fat that it doesn’t control you and you have far bigger things to concentrate on.


Now get on and do the things you only dreamed of, and tell all old food woes and frets to fuck off.