The last three weeks for me have been a bit of a body trust and acceptance exercise. I have been somewhere with no means of weighing myself, therefore no means of judging ‘how well’ I’ve been eating.

That meant I had to let go truly of trying to control my food.

Did it work? Yes yes!

I was scared to start with, I had to truly trust myself that I would do it right. So I just tried to eat when I was hungry, or when I wanted to, and stop when I’d had enough. I thought I’d eaten too much, and I ate a lot. Chocolate, crisps, pasta, vegetables, pints of cider. In the end I stopped caring, thinking if I gained weight, oh well. What difference in the end would it make?

Being away from the scales for the first time truly challenged my body image problems for the first time. I had to accept that my body was the best it could be, and I had to trust it knew what to do. It was very hard, and my mental fighting sometimes was horrendous. But I kept calming myself down, and in the end the chatter subsided. The last week away was bliss, very few food thoughts at all.

When I came home, I was curious. I weighed myself, and I had lost weight.

This is what happens when you trust yourself, your body takes care of itself. If this isn’t a genuine example of self-trust for fixing body and weight issues then I dont know what is.

The crucial things I did were:
— eat everything I wanted, when I wanted, in the quantities. Truly.
— removed guilt from the equation
— drank whatever I wanted, too.
— forgot about linking exercise to weight, because they shouldn’t be related
— immersed myself in things I enjoyed, and people’s company I liked
— didn’t weigh myself
— confronted and calmed the food chatter, telling myself it would be all okay

It’s all about trust

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