I was always under the belief that healthy eating involved ingesting as little ‘rubbish’ food as possible. I would feel guilty for wanting cake, chocolate, crisps, yadada. I would think about all this food all the time .

But food chatter is so wearing.

Healthy eating is not solely about eating typically healthy food. It’s about eating everything you like in quantities that are good for your body, and you know intrinsically make you thrive. Things you actually love, rather than things you think you ought to love. If you love carrots, then eat carrots, but in no way eat carrot salad because you feel you ought to, if what you really want at that moment is chocolate.

Healthy eating is about a healthy mind, a mind that is not obsessed with or afraid of food. A healthy mind loves to eat but has other things to be doing and thinking about other than eating. Healthy eating is thinking about food when it is time for dinner or grocery shopping, but is not filled with anxiety or stress (unless you’re cooking for a dinner party!). Healthy eating is loving being hungry, and loving being satisfied and full.

Healthy eating is about all the grey areas in the food spectrum, taken without issue. About self acceptance for who you are and eating just hey way you want to.

Rant over!