Yes, I know this is a paradox, but it is a crucial concept to understand when you want to be free from food issues.

Freedom in eating is all about changing how you think about eating. It’s not just the action of munching, it’s all that garbage in your brain too.

In order to shake off the problems you have with disordered food thinking, you have to begin to change your habits. This means doing things that you find are outside of your comfort zone. Things like stopping eating when you know deep down you’ve had enough, and eating a meal that you like but are scared to keep eating because it ‘could make you fat’.

Once you have faced your eating fears once, they won’t seem so scary the second time and beyond. Take it one day at a time, slowly slowly eating your way to freedom.

Choose one food fear and face it head on today! It won’t know what hit it! And above all, just keep eating.