Do you look at people and wonder why they eat what they do, in the quantities they do? I used to, and It was a very triggering thing.

At the moment I am living around eight people all day every day, and they have a diverse set of eating habits. I noticed that I was being drawn into comparisons of their habits with mine, which once used to trigger me to eating a lot. But now I know it isn’t worth it.

Your body is your body, you can feed it as much or as little as you want to make you satisfied and nourished both physically and mentally. Comparison with anyone else is futile, only you know you.

So when you find yourself comparing your eating to other people’s, take a moment to remember you are doing this for you, and who cares about anyone else.

Some tips:
-Get engrossed in the conversation at mealtimes, and forget the other people are eating
-If you can, feel your stomach, fullness and satisfaction. Focus on that, and do what your gut instinct tells you.
-Remind yourself that you have a right to do what you want, and you can’t play the dangerous game of comparison if you want to heal your relationship with food.

I’m with you.