If you are anything like me, you still are fearful about what/when/where you are eating. From time to time, little pseudo-dieting behaviours pop up, and restrictive thoughts return uninvited.

Today I have a Sunday challenge for you. Do it today, for one day. Or tomorrow for one day, or whenever suits.

I challenge you to, for one whole day, try the best you can to drop all remaining limiting beliefs about food and weight, and eat whatever you want when you want.

Write down any thoughts you think may be holding you back from eating with no worry or fear.
~ focus on, just for today, acting in the opposite, affirming direction.
~ do not hold back. Eat freely. FREELY.

Helpful pointers to make it easier:
~Listen to your stomach, but try not to obsess.
~Do something you love, and can get engrossed in, like reading, or drawing.
~Remember that it is just for one day, and you don’t need to be scared.

Do what feels right, and even if you are terrified of stepping into the unknown, do it anyway.

~Write down your experiences, and let me know how you get on.
~What beliefs are still holding you back?
~Did the fear subside throughout the day?

I shall be doing this along with you, and I’ve got your back.

Good luck.