Food obsession is a problem that I still struggle with. It is especially difficult around other people, and when food I haven’t accounted for is there.

At work, people have gotten into a phase of bringing biscuits/cookies, and I mean packs of them, for break and lunch. That old voice chimes in with its usual rhymes about will can’t must eat them. Then guess what? I’m thinking about what I’ve eaten all day, how many cookies I’ve had, and then I dramatically overeat at night.

I am still trying to overcome the obsession of monitoring myself and eat more normally. Has anyone found ways to overcome this? Everyone struggles from time to time, and it is a journey.

My homework will be to make a determined effort not to let other people’s food choices affect my state of mind, and to eat exactly what I want to, be it one or five cookies, or none. It is realising the facts that I am ultimately in charge of my food choices, and that there are endless possibilities, which are the biggest hurdles to jump.

Would love to know your thoughts.