This week I begun the year’s fieldwork, and it is physically demanding stuff. It made me realise afresh how wonderful the human body is, how sophiscated and capable. As part of my current job I am required to move dirt, lift heavy buckets, walk a lot and dig many holes.

Indiana Jones
Not really what I do…


I am not usually an exercise person, so it always comes as a shock. After the first day I ache, and I don’t want to go back to work. But after a while my body gets used to it, and I get fitter and fitter. Every year it makes me realise how adaptable we are, and how our body can do the most amazing work for us, and we need our physicality to be the best we can. Since I have begun excavation this year, I have felt stronger and more motivated. I have adopted also a more regulated attitude to food, because doing this physically demanding work requires me to really listen to what my body wants, and not overworking, and feeding myself enough so I can perform at my best.

This is what life is about: living and breathing, being grateful  that your body can and will cope. It loves it when you love and respect it!

Does anyone relate? What are your moments of body-wonder?