Because you sometimes need to write it down. And sometimes you need to tell yourself it will be okay. And I am telling you right now, you are awesome, don’t let anyone stand in your way.

Repeat these whenever the food issues are getting you down:

I am awesome as I am right now
I will stop dieting for good
All food is just food
I don’t need to hide
I am totally allowed to eat what I choose, when I choose
Eating isn’t shameful
I am fine with what I have chosen to eat
I decide everything that I eat
I can fully choose to eat [X] again now or at any time for the rest of my life
I can trust my body to be its best
Food is not a moral issue in my life
I don’t have to count calories
I can and will and am totally allowed to eat chocolate again for the rest of my life
Food isn’t the centre of my universe
My hobbies and interests keep me satisfied
My body is the best it can be
I can cope without turning to food
I can feel my feelings and won’t fail
I am kind and positive to myself
Life is beautiful and so am I!
I love who I am right now, in this moment, unconditionally.
I am lucky and I will always always be able to eat again when I need to

Please add more to the list! It is always good to empower yourself with positive thinking.