Eating is something I feel passionately about. I enjoy eating, but it goes deeper than that. Today’s media makes it abundantly clear that ‘we’ aren’t good enough. And self-worth has been programmed into the visual, into appearance and how we look. Beauty is defined by a group of people. This is a lie! I am fed up of media and society-wide lies. Everyone gets bound up in food mania, and it should stop!

I am fed up of seeing thousands of men and women destroyed by something so innocent, that should be a life-giver, not life-taker. I was one such individual, and it took me a long time to put food into perspective. I am now dedicated to helping as many people as I can achieve freedom from the pain of food obsession, because I want as many people to be happy as they can. We don’t need to be ruled by what the food industry or diet industry want us to think. We are individuals, and in today’s modern society have an unprecidented amount of freedom to live our dreams. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to have, do and see so much. There is more to life than how you eat, what you weigh and what you wear. I want to give back the spark of life to people who have lost it to food. Food isn’t something to be fought, it’s the route out of darkness. Then, blissfully, you can leave that road entirely onto the motorway of freedom!

Sorry to be cheesey, but I hope you will join me, and get in touch. Please ask as many questions as you can! I am here to help.


PS. I’m not a trained professional, just here to give advice from my own experience. If you think you have an eating disorder or can’t manage by yourself please please get support, from your family, a therapist or doctor. Please consult your doctor before carrying out any dramatic lifestyle changes.