Guilt is not necessary for food. It is a moral issue, and not one applicable to food in the slightest. Let me reiterate, because it is important.

You do not need to feel guilty around food.

Here’s a scenario:

“I feel guilty because I ate a slice of chocolate cake”
Oh, did you steal it?
Did you kill for it?
“Erm, no?!”
Then why do you feel guilty! You ate something, big deal!

The above is based on a point made by Evelyn Tribole, and one I’d like to emphasise too, because it is crucial to gaining peace with food, and letting go of food fears.

It was a revelation to me, in the midst of my food woes, that the reason why I couldn’t just stop thinking about food was because when I was eating, I was filled with anxiety and fear, and guilt!

So watch your thoughts whilst you eat. Every time you catch yourself saying something like “You shouldn’t be eating this” or whatever, shout back. Tell it to shut up and leave you alone.

Eating is not a crime, you really can eat what you want when you want. Once you accept that eating food is simply that–eating–then it is much easier to let go of all the food chatter in your head and get on with all the things that mean much more to you!